I was seeing a girl who lived near Big City Records, so I introduced her to the Dapper Don of Discs. We'd wave when we walked by on the way to the bar and blow kisses on the way back.

One night, deep in Brooklyn, I danced like I never danced before. With her. We sweated and smiled all night as DJ Spinna played back-to-back Michael Jackson hits. I think our best moves* came out when we were getting down to Blame It On The Boogie. (*still horribly awkward looking, I'm sure)
As a Christmas gift, the girl went into Jared's shop and had him help her find this twelve inch for me.

Monk-One later showed me his copy with the extended percussion break in the middle. I don't blame Jared for not having this rare version on hand; but I did dump the girl that very night. These. Are. The Breaks!

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