Extra-Vehicular Activity

This classic space funk-rock song has been sampled, re-edited, replayed over and over and over again. Yet it remains so powerful. This original seven inch cut of E.V.A. by Jean Jacques Perrey is brasil-only. Fans of funk 45s will recognize the most subtle difference in sound quality... so warm. so loud.


After Lafter

Wu Tang, spearheaded by vets Ghost Face Killah and the RZA, began their joint efforts selling their rugged first song out the back of their truck... or so the legend goes. Fans will recognize After the Laughter by Wendy Rene as the primary sample looped up. This sixties slice of soul ain't easy to find on seven inch.


Cream of the Crop

This record was always on the original want list when i started my quest for samples. I first heard the Charmels' As Long As I've Got You on the Stax CD boxset at my old man's house; but the seven inch was much harder to track down. Listening to it on vinyl in my library fills my heart with emotions. God Bless Soul!