Scholastic Rock Funk!

Every seventies baby remembers Schoolhouse Rocks! from their childhood saturdays. Somewhere between the snorks and the smurfs, we'd all learn a little something that would later become invaluable. And we had a funky good time!

I guess i never realized how scratchy my copy is 'cause i usually just play the de la soul sample and the funky psych chune, little twelvetoes; and they are in fine shape.


Pease Porridge

Some records come cheap for the digger. This one i had to subside to shelling out some scrilla for. But i've always wanted it, and now i have it. Now if only i could get those drums to sound as fat as de la soul did . . .


The Globetrotters Sample

This is NOT from the cartoon series and it is NOT what the kids are listening to these days. Instead, it's the B-side to Sweet Georgia Brown, a song most of us have come to associate with the ball-spinning antics of the Harlem Globetrotters. This is the version of Black Eyed Susan Brown that Prince Paul slowed down and sampled for De La Soul. Note: there is a large whole 45 with the same tracks that does NOT contain the sample.


The Gumtrotters

Born from a cartoon television series by Hanna-Barbera, and based off the legendary showboat "basketball" team, this LP is full of bubble gum funk form the 70s. The LP comes complete with pop-up artwork.