The Look of Love

Johnny Pate was a master orchestrator. He penned several soundtracks (eg. Shaft in Africa) along with a few albums that are soundtrackesque. His Set a Pattern LP is a work of beauty which Pete Rock, among others, easily flipped into hiphop beats. There are many versions of The Look of Love by Bacharach to hunt down, but this one is one of the best.


The Shadow Do

This particular Gary Bartz LP is harder to find than most - although many of them can be quite difficult to come across in your local FYE. The album may come off as a bit cheesy; but if you are cool with spiritual jazz and don't hate the sexy sax. . then you may want it.


Windows of the Mind

Perhaps one of the greatest samples of all time: Fourty Days by Billy Brooks. Used by ATCQ for Luck of Lucien, this big band jazz tune is a mega-banger. The rest of the album is of no consequence to us beatheads. But that hasn't stopped its price from soaring into the triple digits.


Rare Groove Revolution (pt. 1)

In a five part television series, host dj soulero invited me to unveil some of the juicy samples used by the more highly esteemed producers in the hiphop game. Each show was dedicated to a different producer: large pro, j dilla, a tribe called quest, pete rock, and dj premier. After the series aired, i mixed some of the songs together for a 74 minute best-of-the-best. Taking it one step further, i then mixed the video bits from the shows back to the audio mix and added some flashy graphics!

This is the first video segment of the 74 minute mix.