I always dreamed of being a Cosmic Guitar Player who would shack up with an Asian RISDy-educated Painter and make Sweet Sweet Music. Actually, when I was really little, I dreamed of being a Fire Engine. So shiny! So powerful! So RED!! But, as it turns out, being an artist in New York is easier than growing up to be a Freightliner Model E-One truck with a thousand gallon tank.

But sometimes it's hard to tell if you actually made your dreams come true and were 'A Success' or if you just shelled out time and money to create the physical tokens that you assume are markers of success, but really just serve as witnesses to your struggle. What you need is that recognition. For the world to say, "You made it, buddy!" Then you'd really know.

So when Jared casually told me that "Danny Krivit was in the other day and listened to your record, liked it, and bought it" I knew it was real!

Okay, so you're no Danny Krivit, but you can help make my dream come true too! My dream of Selling Out!! We still have copies of Run Riot for sale. You can get them at or at Big City Reco—...oh.....right.........

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