My partner in crime, DJ E's E, had been playing this record for a few months: Funkshone Purification 7". It absolutely devastated in our circuit (Kenny Dope just threw his hat in the ring to release an edit.) I was glad it was 'ours,' but like every beat addict, was sad that I couldn't find 'my' copy anywhere. 

But I became resigned to that fact... Perhaps one drunken night I would have the gumption to steal it from my best friend's basement. As it turned out tho, I didn't need to be that unscrupulous.

I strolled into the shop one day and on the counter—fanned out—lay four records from the label. "What are these?" I said. Jared replied, "Oh, the guy who runs this label just stopped in and dropped these off for me to listen to and try and sel-." Without letting them out of my hands, I cut him off. "Welp, they're mine now." I gave him some cash and we listened to this song together before I took off with my copy.


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