One day the phone rang and I picked it up. On the other side of the line, from the other side of the country, was a producer from Interscope. He told me Eminem had listened to my latest mix CD and was ripping loops for Team Dre to bangout into hits. They came across one sample in particular that I had obfuscated with a Big Bird drop "that's like finding a noodle in a haystack" and were hoping I would provide them with a clean recording.

A few weeks before that, I had just finished hand-crafting this CD, Fresh Blood, which mixed samples from my favorite hiphop songs of that year, 2005. (I also crafted a CD, entitled Fresh Cuts, blending those hiphop songs which masterfully used the samples on display in Fresh Blood.) I designed, cut, glued and hand-stamped less than a hundred units. It was what we did back then. We didn't have the investment, nor the market demand, to create 1,000 digipaks. But we did have some support from certain record shops. Long time supporter Jared had thrown my CD in with an order of vinyl and shipped it to LA. On the strength.

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