Sippin' on Some Slivovitz

I think it was Prince Paul who once said that the bigger the afro on the cover of an LP, the better the funk would be. That certainly appears as gospel (Bobbi Humphry -> Funkadelic -> Lafayette Afro Rock Band.)

And for a while I had my own rule: If it said Jazz-Rock on the cover, it was dopeness. (Nowadays I'm more of a Space-Disco kinda guy.)

Panoramic Jazz-Rock by Marius Popp is just as sumptuous an album as they come. With great open drums, warm Wurlitzer sprinkles, bright horn stabs, and of course a little crackle and hiss in the vinyl, it's a grand listen in the living room.


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  1. I love this site. Never heard of any of the music you write about. Love the kitsch, the obscurity, and your obvious passion for it. Write on. Cheers.